Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer students the opportunity to challenge themselves with college-level coursework, as well as the possibility of earning college credit and/or advanced standing in college.

Find information about the AP program, individual course syllabi, taking the AP exam, AP credit and placement and more by clicking here.

DP's thriving AP program offers students a wide array of college-credit earning courses. Students can choose from the following AP courses in a variety of subject areas.

Registration for this year's Advanced Placement Exams is now open. Exams will be held May 3-14, 2021. Here is the key information about the process this year:

  • The College Board is requiring students to register for exams in the fall for classes that start before November 15th, meaning classes they are enrolled in now.
  • In order to complete the registration process, students must sign up using their MyAP account. [Note: This process should NOT be completed with an ‘sbunified’ email address. Students will not receive notifications about their exam from the college board if they use their sbunified email.]
  • We will have a second time frame for students to sign up for AP Exams for classes that start Spring Semester.
  • Students need to contact their counselor or case manager by January 15 to submit testing accommodations that may be in an IEP or 504 plan. This deadline is for fall and spring classes.
  • For students that want to sign up for exams for courses DP does not offer, sign ups need to happen before the November 4th deadline. Otherwise, the College Board will charge the $40 late fee.
  • Good news! The college board has removed the cancellation fee, so students can cancel their exam in March, and receive a full refund.


For planning purposes, the cost is $100 per exam.

For students applying to FALL AP Exams your payments can be processed on Total Registration, click the button below for that payments page.

Total Registration

Important Dates:

  • October - Registration Begins
  • November 5th- Registration Ends for fall classes, last day to change ‘Undecided/No’ to ‘Yes’
  • November 16th- $40 College Board late fee to sign up for AP exams for fall classes
  • January 15th- Submit testing accommodations request to case manager or counselor
  • February 7th- Registration Begins for Spring AP Classes and payment for all AP tests
  • March 5th - Last day to change ‘Undecided/No’ to ‘Yes’ with $40 late fee for fall classes
  • March 10th- Last day to pay for exams. All exams not paid for will be cancelled.

For more information about specific exams, please visit the College Board website at: