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How to Access NEO

How to Access NEO



NEO is a closed online community and is FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) compliant. NEO has a mobile version that can be accessed from any mobile device’s web browser. They also have an app called NEO LMS.

Student Accounts

To reset your Google password, or make a new password, go to

Parent and Guardian Accounts

Parent accounts can be linked to student accounts. The fastest way to set up your parent account is to have your child invite you.

After the student logs in—

  • Hover over Users (left sidebar), and click Catalog

  • Click Invite parents (upper right)

  • Fill in parent’s email address, first name and last name

  • Click Send

Parents will receive an email with login information.

If you need assistance—

Email Gina Pearce She will email you back with your login information. Please include the following information in your message:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your students’ first and last name(s)
  • Your email address

Tips for Parents

Watch this video for an overview of what is listed below.

Set your home language: Click on the image next to your name in the upper right corner then click on Settings (left menu). Choose your language. English is the default

How to see your student’s overall grades

  • Click on your student’s name (on the left under “Children”)
  • Click on Classes in the left menu. You will see your student's overall grades for each class
  • To see details of the grades, click on the wheel/gear icon in the far right column

How to send a message to a teacher

  • Click on your student’s name then click on a class (under Classes)
  • Click on Teachers
  • Check the box next to the teacher’s name and click Message
  • Type your message and click Send (the message will go to the teacher’s email and his/her NEO message center)

Note: When you message a teacher, you may type it in your home language and NEO will translate it for the teacher. The teacher’s message will translate for you into your home language. The translation isn't perfect, but it will definitely help you both.