12th Grade

12th Grade


Senior Gov/Econ Presentation and Handouts

Counselors visited government and economics classes in September to go over the college application process. Below is the slide deck and handouts that were distributed (and students received an unofficial copy of their transcript).

Information for Seniors Attending SBCC in the Fall:


Events related to SBCC Enrollment and Registration have currently been moved online. This is a long announcement detailing important information for seniors planning on attending SBCC in the fall.


Please complete all the necessary steps to ensure that you have applied and are ready to register in May for your fall classes at SBCC (April for summer classes).


  1. Apply as a New to College Student (see application instructions below)
  2. Check your Placement in your Pipeline account. If pending, complete the High School Data Form.
  3. Complete Orientation online. You will need to log in to your Pipeline account to complete this step.
  4. Complete Class Planning online. (here are step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for a session). If you are planning on taking summer classes, be sure to select a summer class planning session.
  5. Begin registering for summer classes (if you are taking summer classes) on April 14th (April 1st for DSPS, EOPS or foster youth) or fall classes on May 20th (April 22nd for DSPS, EOPS or foster youth). (video on how to register).
  6. You should have opted in for the SBCC Promise when you applied, but if not, you can sign up here.


Feel free to reach out to your counselor with questions, or utilize the chat option on the SBCC website. We will continue to provide updates if circumstances change.


Stay safe and healthy!

The DP Counseling Team



Information from SBCC:


In-person, on-campus operations are suspended from March 16-29. Student support services are being offered remotely. Please visit Department webpages for information on how to access services. For more details on SBCC's response to COVID-19, please visit www.sbcc.edu to access our COVID-19 campus webpage.


Helpful Resources, via SBCC Website for new incoming students:

  1. Local High School Webpage
  2. Steps to Enrollment 
  3. Application Instructions (English Packet) 
  4. Online Orientation 
  5. SBCC Promise Sign-Up
  6. Enrollment Services Chat

Hours of Services:

Monday - Thursday 8am - 4pm

Friday 8am - 4pm

  1. Enrollment Services Info Email: info@sbcc.edu