Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I’m having difficulty in a class?

  • The first person a student or parent needs to contact is the classroom teacher. The student, teacher and parent can then work together to create a plan for the student’s academic success.

How do I contact the classroom teacher?

  • Generally, the best way to contact a teacher is via email which can be found in the Staff Directory. The format for email addresses is the first initial of the teacher’s first name, followed by their last name and @sbunified.org. (For example, Joe Charger would be jcharger@sbunified.org) You can also email teachers via NEO.

How can a student or parent make an appointment with a counselor?

  • Appointments can be made by contacting the counseling office assistant, Rosa Lorca-Gonzales at 968-2541 x4520.  Students may also come to the Counseling Office before school, during lunch or after school to make an appointment directly.  Counselors can also be contacted by phone or email.  Please refer to the DP website at dphs.sbunified.org under Counseling Team.

Where can I get information about DPHS Sports?

  • From the school website, click on Athletics or go to the DP Athletics website at www.dphsa.org to find out try-out dates and clearance forms needed to participate in sports.

Do my grades freshman year count?

  • YES! Most four-year colleges (including CSU and UC schools) require 4 years of English (which includes 9th grade) and at least 2 years of social science, which includes world history. Additionally, any laboratory science, world language or math class either counts as a college prep class or is a prerequisite to enroll in a college prep class.

What is a prerequisite?

  • It is a requirement you must meet before you can take a specific class. Sometimes it is a placement test, a specific class that must be completed with a specific grade, a teacher recommendation or a class restricted to certain grade levels (only 11th and 12th grade, etc.). Class prerequisites are listed in the SBUSD High School Course Catalog under course descriptions.

Where can I find tutoring information?

  • You may contact your teacher to see if they have tutoring times during the week.  You may also contact the Counseling Office for a list of peer tutors, who are highly qualified DP students in various subjects. Tutoring is also available during seminar and after school. Fill out a blue Seminar Change form in the Counseling Office, or click here to find out about our academic supports.

How do I find out how my student is doing in his/her classes?

  • Our teachers use NEO to report grades. Report cards are also mailed home eight times a year. Additionally, students may circulate Weekly Progress Reports on Fridays to their teachers (forms are located in the Administration Building, as well as on the DP website).

How often should I meet with my counselor?

  • We recommend having a 4 year plan meeting once a year beginning in the spring of 9th grade. This meeting helps inform your counselor about your future plans and helps us get to know you better. While we are happy to meet with the student only, having a parent present allows everyone to create a unified plan.
  • As other questions come up, please feel free to email your counselor or set up an appointment.