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National Honor Society/California Scholarship Federation


 National Honor Society/California Scholarship Federation      

Students have the opportunity to qualify for National Honor Society and/or California Scholarship Federation with each semester's final grades. If a student meets the membership requirements with their grades, they should complete their membership before the announced deadline the following semester (February for fall grades, September/October for spring grades). Membership forms will be delivered to students' English classes letting them know they are eligible for one or both organizations.


In addition, National Honor Society has a two hour community service component which is fulfilled through Beautify DP attendance or alternate community service.  The dates for Beautify DP are below, as well as what semester the month of attendance will count for. For students that are unable to attend Beautify DP, the option of independent community service is also available (see Forms for Request for Alternate Community Service). For alternate community service, the hours should be performed during the semester the student qualifies (hours should be done in the fall semester for fall semester grades, and spring semester hours may be done during the spring semester or summer). Alternate community service should meet the community service guidelines.



NHS has adopted Beautify DP as its official community service project. Beautify DP dates for 2017-18 are as follows (but please refer back to this page for updates):


  • September 16th (can count for spring 2017 or fall 2017 hours)
  • October 14th (spring 2017 or fall 2017 hours)
  • December 9th (fall 2017 hours) cancelled due to air quality
  • January 6th (fall 2017 hours) 
  • February 10th (fall 2017 or spring 2018 hours)
  • March 17th (spring 2018 hours)
  • April 14th (spring 2018 hours)
  • May 12th (spring 2018 hours)
  • June 2nd (spring 2018 hours)


Beautify DP takes place from 9 am to noon on the above-mentioned dates. NHS members should complete their community service hours before they turn in their qualification form at the beginning of each semester (for the prior semester’s grades). In other words, students should technically complete their community service hours before they actually know if they have qualified for membership for the semester.  Students are required to attend Beautify DP for 2 hours. Additional hours spent at Beautify DP may be used towards the graduation requirement. Students who cannot attend a Beautify DP event due to prior Saturday commitments can use other approved community service hours. Please see Mrs. Stone if you have questions.


We appreciate parent assistance at Beautify DP! Click here for parent sign ups.