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Family Connection

Each student at Dos Pueblos High School becomes  a member of the Family Connection Naviance Network. The Family Connection account is a powerful, comprehensive and useful counseling and guidance software system.Family Connection is used for college and career counseling as well as for planning for post-secondary options. The software system is a complement to the services the counseling department currently provides to students and parents.

Family Connection is a state-of-the-art web-based software programs that assists students in managing their personal college/career portfolio. The Family Connection component connects students and parents to college information, scholarships, career interest and survey information, as well as college admission test preparation.

Family Connection also manages historical data. When seniors track their college application/admissions on Family Connection, the information is recorded in confidential scattergrams plots. Current college applicants can see the schools to which former DPHS students have applied and were accepted, based on grade point average and college admissions test scores.

Every student at Dos Pueblos High School is expected to maintain an active account on Family Connection. Dos Pueblos High School Counseling regularly updates scholarship information as well as emails important dates and deadlines. Parents are also able to create a parent account that will link to their student’s Family Connection account.


Contact your counselor if you need assistance with your Naviance account.

Common App and Naviance Account Matching - watch this video if you need help matching your Common App account on Naviance