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Peer Academic Support Services go Online to Support Remote Learning
Many of our PASS tutors can be reached for support at Charger.Academy.  Students who are struggling at home (and parents who don’t know how to explain why x=12) are encouraged to make an appointment with a DP Peer Tutor who can help you to figure it out.

Charger.Academy was created by the DP Entrepreneurship Club and is working closely with Ms. Selzler and the DP PASS program to get our home-grown tutoring services online, where students can find a familiar face to work with--and maybe even someone who has taken the same class with the same teacher. The site will be growing and evolving as we bring in more tutors and all get better at working in this online environment Come join us--we are excited to work with you.

Other online tutoring supports available to students include Brainfuse (through the Goleta Library) and CovEd.org, a combined effort of undergrad students at mainly Harvard and MIT.
PASS tutors and mentors with questions can refer to this Q & A doc, or email Ms. Selzler if they don’t find the info they need there.


DPHS.org Seminar Info and Links

Información de Seminarios y Enlaced de DPHS.org


Seminar Intro Slides 2018: Click here to review what seminar is all about.


Intro Seminar Videos 2019

Day 1: Study Hall and Golden Tickets 

Day 2: Placement Options


College Application Help in the Career Center, Oct 23-Nov 21:  Counselors will be available to help you with any aspect of the application process during seminar.  Sign up HERE and a golden ticket will be delivered to your seminar teacher on the day you signed up to come in.  



DPHS Seminar takes place on Extended Learning days (Wednesdays and Thursdays), giving students a 40 minute period twice a week to 1) get independent work done in study hall, 2) get academic help from a variety of sources, 3) participate in enrichment activities, or 4) earn community service credit by helping others.

More details about the range of opportunities during seminar can be found here:

Y aqui en Espanol.

  •  Subject-specific Tutorials are longer-term academic supports. Students with D/F grades are prioritized in these supports, but any student can request a placement.
  • If you want to change your seminar placement, please complete a blue "Seminar Change Request" form in the Counseling Office.
  • For more information about the Golden Ticket System, please refer to the following articles:

    Golden Tickets: A Student Guide.

    Golden Tickets: Questions & Answers


CHARGER TECH TEAM - Simply ask your seminar teacher for a pink "Seminar Tech Help" pass. Take your pass and your iPad to H-1 (during seminar only!) and hopefully you will come back to class all fixed up.


SEMINAR SIGN-UP LINKS: Please sign up at least one day in advance, then go to your regular seminar teacher to pick up your Golden Ticket. All efforts will be made to deliver tickets to students who sign up during late start, but this cannot be guaranteed.


DP Writing Center:  Come in to the library and meet a tutor who can help with any paper you are writing for any class.  You may also be referred here by a teacher. For more information about the DP Writing Center, google dpwritingcenter.

DP Math Center:  Make an appointment to get help in the library on a specific math assignment or concept.

Workshops:  See and sign up for upcoming seminar workshops.

Volunteer for the P.A.S.S. Program:  Sign up for the Peer Academic Support Services (PASS) program, which trains and coordinates Academic Mentors and various tutors, allowing them to earn community service by donating their time and talent to supporting their peers in school. There are lots of ways to serve, and we can always use more helpers!  Find out more about the PASS program HERE.

PASS tutors & mentors needed now:  Click here to see a list of specific roles we are hoping to fill ASAP.  If you see one you like, please fill out the "Volunteer for the PASS program" link above and specify the role you want to take.

Enrichment & Program Seminars: Some of these seminars are already in place, and some will begin when the student demand is at 20 students or more. Click on the link to get more information about what Enrichments are available, and what to do to join one. Before we consider moving you, we will look at your most recent grade reports. You must show consistent grades of C and above to qualify for an enrichment seminar. Enrichments are first come, first served, and have limited spaces. When an enrichment is full, you will be notified that you are no longer be able to change into it. If we are able to make the change, you will receive a new schedule delivered to you on paper from Mr. Guttentag. If not, we will email you at the address you provide. If you would like to suggest a new enrichment seminar, click HERE.


SEMINAR FEEDBACK LINKS - Give feedback.  Go here for links to feedback forms for our workshops, tutoring centers, seminar tutorials, and PASS Program.


Workshop Feedback:  Go here to tell us what you thought about a workshop you participated in.


Tutoring Experience Feedback: Go here to tell us about an experience you had with a tutor in the Math Center, Writing Center, or After School Tutoring Center.


Tutorial Feedback: Go here to tell us about your experience in a seminar tutorial, where you are receiving help from student tutors on a weekly basis.


PASS Program Feedback:  Go here if you are a PASS tutor and want to bring our attention to any needs, concerns, or celebrations related to your tutoring placement.


Still haven't found what you're looking for?: Please tell us what you still don't know about seminar, so we can improve our site and respond to your unanswered questions.